Lead Remediation

Environmental Specialty Services, has the capabilities and experience to assist building owners and construction managers in the control or removal of lead hazards in construction and renovation. Many older residential or rust-resistant paints contain high levels of lead. Lead control may also be required in older industrial properties where lead dust remains from past operations.

About three out of four buildings built before 1978 have lead based paint and asbestos insulations. Lead paint deterioration can be a major health hazard, especially to children. Lead poisoning damages the brain, nervous system, kidneys, hearing, and coordination. Learning disabilities, erratic behavior, blindness and pregnancy problems have also been linked to lead. Asbestos can increase your lung cancer rate by up to 50 times.

Who is at risk?

Anyone can get lead poisoning, but children between the ages of six months and six years are at the greatest risk.

Where does lead come from?

Lead is found in paint chips and dust from the paint of older homes (inside and out), water pipes, dirt, cigarette butts, old painted toys, magazines and pottery.