Concrete Surface Preperation

Diamond grinding utilizing HEPA filtration for virtual dust free removal of adhesives, and coatings on concrete floors. Utilizing state of the art grinding machines we can remove practically any concrete flooring mastic, carpet, VAT. Also epoxies, paints, and urethanes.

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is an advanced multi-step polishing system with proprietary additives that cleans and polishes concrete floors permanently. You will save time and money on maintenance and cleaning. Polished concrete floors are essentially maintenance free.


Lower total coats compared to other commercial and industrial flooring.
Creates a low to no maintenance floor solution.
Highly reflective surface.
40% more abrasion resistant.
Inhibits oil, water, and other substances from penetration.
Eliminates concrete dusting.
Can increase ambient lighting by 30%.
Has no harmful chemicals, coatings, or V.O.C. 's.
Meets and exceeds ADA's slip coefficient standards.
Floors can be immediatley put back into production.
Eliminates tire marks.